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jhaight [userpic]

Haven't posted a collection in awhile. I'm big on trading and selling so my collection never stays the same :)

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duuudewtf [userpic]

so I had a few more additions to my little collection. & i'm kinda bored.  ha ha. so i thought id show you them  :] 
& if you'd like, show me yours! i love seeing other girls collections. <3

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who what where why when and how? [userpic]

Relisted due to non paying bidder!

Click here!

katie [userpic]

i received a coach bag from an aunt yesterday for christmas without a gift receipt or anything and i don't really like it so i'm trying to figure out what it is so i can sell it on ebay/wherever. i looked on the website and didn't find this exact one, so i'm hoping someone here can help identify it for me!

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who what where why when and how? [userpic]

Hi ladies! I've put my beloved Sabrina on eBay! Link here!  

Thanks for looking and happy holidays!  

allison vernon-williams [userpic]

Anyone here use the fragrances? I've only smelled the signature and I LOOOOOVE it. It's definitely my numero uno go to scent. My question comes in as far as purse sprays vs. the actual bottled fragrance. I bought the purse spray ~1 year ago, and I use it nearly every day...but it's still sounds like, half full. I'm trying to suss out if there is any real benefit to buying the bottle as opposed to the spray. Thoughts?

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duuudewtf [userpic]

REAL? or FAKE? :[ Read more...Collapse )

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allison vernon-williams [userpic]

Hey girls, my signature stripe travel tote (10126)'s pocket has one side that has come unraveled. How would I go about getting it repaired? Just take it into a store?

duuudewtf [userpic]

Hey guys!
Everyone must be SUPER busy cuz it is SO quiet in here!

Lets do collection posts :]
I wanna see everyones stuff!

duuudewtf [userpic]

So I thought I would post my collection that is happily growing :)

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