Hi :)

I'm not to sure if anyone even visits this community anymore, but in case there still are...

I recently had a falling out with my boyfriend of two years, and he gave me a beautiful patent leather Sabrina bag, and I just cant bring myself to list it on ebay. So i was wondering if anyone would maybe want to do a swap? (:

Worth a shot :)


Would anyone like to purchase a used khaki signature hobo with the bronze snakeskin accents? I love the bad to death but I had an issue with my credit card company (i havent used the card in over 8 months), since they started to charge inactivation fees. Needless to say, Im having to get rid of a few things so I can pay the darn thing off and cancel it (Im piiiiissed). Okay, enough ranting. If you would like pictures, let me know. I accept paypal..I would list on ebay, but it seems even the nicest coach bags aren't getting a lot of bids. At any rate, please message me for details!

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  • tink8

Coach coupon

Received a 25% off coupon in the mail last week. Used it to buy the LEATHER CHICK KEY RING. It is sooo cute. I'm going to put it on my Poppy bag.I'm a little obsessed with chicks.
Nabbed from pinkpaisley_art--Thank you!
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Looking for a Coach Shoe (maybe discontinued?)

I visited a Macy's between November 2009 and January 2010, and saw a Coach shoe that I think I found online, but I can't find it in the color I want.. It was a woman's heeled shoe, gray, probably suede or suede-like, with a 1940s look. Some of the fabric was folded over to one side to give it a slouched appearance. It looked a LOT (and probably is) this: www.polyvore.com/coach_alexandria_heel/thing

But I can't find the gray, and I'm almost sure it wasn't folded over in quite that way. Does anyone else know what shoe I'm talking about?

Thanks for the help!


How much can you fit in the sabrina? i'm not the type of person that takes there whole life with them. Would it be a good bag? How much is the size, look wise, between both sizes. Does the bigger one, look alot bigger. Someone is selling me one in a Cherry red color. Did it ever come in that color? I don't remember seeing it in stores. Thanks